No there are no FAQ’s yet since this is new and with no one knowing that this even exists, and that’s okay. Everything starts somewhere and if you like doing something it shouldn’t be about the attention. A few questions that should be answered though so that anyone that comes here can already have an answer ready is;

  • What is Beyond 1st Level?
    •  Simply put, Beyond 1st Level is a weekly released Dungeons & Dragons game with a couple of friends that will be recorded in podcast form.  It is set in Atlas, a world created by the Dungeon Master, David Campbell.
    • So far all that is known is the players and their character names: Kelley O’Brien (Ishi), Will Dennler (Riku), Cesar Garcia (Airis), Samantha Lakamp (Nadia).


  • When will Beyond 1st Level start or be released?
    • The beginning or middle of January is what we are aiming for.


  • Where can I listen or find Beyond 1st Level?
    • You can listen to the Beyond 1st Level podcast through your favorite podcasting app, through BuzzSprout, our right here on our website.